• Mr. K.A. Khawaja - Lecturer
  • Mrs. Madhulika C. Dhurat - HOD
  • Ms. Tazeen Fatema Hasan - Lecturer
  • Mrs. Surekha Rawale - Lecturer
  • Ms. Smita R. Khond - Lecturer
  • Mr.S.S., Lalani - Lecturer
Name of Faculty Mr. K.A. Khawaja
Designation Lecturer
Qualification B.E. ,M-TECH (Hydraulics)
Experience in Years 32
Contact No. 9423637241
Email id k.a.khjaja53@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Mrs. Madhulika C. Dhurat
Designation HOD
Qualification 9860609899
Experience in Years 16
Contact No. 9860609899
Email id madhulika208@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Ms. Tazeen Fatema Hasan
Designation Lecturer
Qualification B.E. , M-TECH (Geotechnical Engg)
Experience in Years 14
Contact No. 9890708679
Email id tzhasan8@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Mrs. Surekha Rawale
Designation Lecturer
Qualification B.E., M-TECH (Geotechnical Engg.)
Experience in Years 15
Contact No. 9970011796
Email id surekharawale@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Ms. Smita R. Khond
Designation Lecturer
Qualification B.E.,M-TECH (Geotech.)
Experience in Years 12
Contact No. 9975445732
Email id smitakhond@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Mr.S.S., Lalani
Designation Lecturer
Qualification B.E. ( CIVIL)
Experience in Years 15
Contact No. 9405200890
Email id suleman.lalani@rediffmail.com